Women in Manufacturing: Breaking Barriers

Among the ranks of Reader Precision Solutions, there are countless success stories of women who have broken barriers and exceeded expectations. From leading strategic business development efforts to innovating the manufacturing process, these women are not just playing a part in this manufacturing revolution; they’re leading the charge. The integration with Iseli Precision has further expanded opportunities for women to engage in a variety of high-tech manufacturing projects and collaborations, showcasing the impact women can have in the industry.

Samantha Betley: Process Manager

“In manufacturing there are endless possibilities on how we, especially women in manufacturing, can contribute,” says Samantha Betley, Process Manager at Reader Precision and UW-Platteville Industrial Engineering graduate. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to play an integral role in the process improvement efforts at both Precision Plus and Iseli Precision. As an intern at Precision Plus for four years, I was able to and continue to take what I have learned that I apply to my job, everyday! Seeing my projects come to life keeps me very engaged and excited for what the future has to offer for not only my career in manufacturing but also for women in this industry.”

Betley, who leads the floor mapping and strategic machine planning and placement initiatives, works with teams throughout the company to increase production floor capacity. This allows for more state-of-the-art Swiss CNC equipment to produce the vital precision parts for our clients.

Kim Morse: CNC Machinist

CNC Machinist at Iseli Precision, and 28-year veteran in manufacturing, Kim Morse began her career in the industry in secondary operations following in her father’s footsteps. When she first began her career, the manufacturing and precision machining industry looked very different; rather than today’s high-tech CNC machines, Kim worked on very labor-intensive automatic swiss cam and secondary machinery, eventually making her way to the CNC platforms. 

Amidst the demands of the job itself, Kim, a single mom, strives to continue to maintain a healthy work-life balance to spend time with her children and grandchildren, who she hopes to make proud by showing they do not have to fit the mold of what a typical white-collar career might look like. By finding this work-life balance, Kim has been able to consider herself a “lifer”, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the merging of both Precision Plus and Iseli Precision.

As a woman in manufacturing, Kim explains, “From overcoming gender stereotypes to navigating the physical demands of the job, my journey has been marked by resilience and determination. While many stigmas seem to be passing, facing biases and assumptions based on my gender early on, I continued to prove my skills and expertise. I have always hoped my journey in manufacturing as a woman would serve as a testament to others looking to enter the industry. Regardless of our gender, the important contributions we make in manufacturing continue to inspire us to overcome challenges and thrive in typically male-dominated fields. 

Maria Valadez: Quality Manager

Quality Assurance Manager at Precision Plus, Maria Valadez, began her manufacturing career right out of high school working in secondary operations, hoping to use this job opportunity to help pay for nursing school. “My mindset completely changed when Precision Plus offered me tuition assistance as I progressed through the ranks into our quality assurance lab,” Valadez explained. “Being very motivated and dedicated to my studies, I took the opportunity and really enjoyed the business management course I was taking and how it translated to the career I was forming here.

Valadez, who celebrated her six-year anniversary with the company, now leads a team of five technicians. She spearheads the company’s robust quality assurance processes, initiatives, and certification audits. Her collaborative spirit enables Precision Plus production teams to use the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) her team calculates and compiles to drive precision machining operations forward. 


Stories like Samantha, Kim, and Maria vividly illustrate the field of precision machining isn’t just about machinery and technology—it’s about breaking barriers, overcoming stereotypes, and paving new paths for women in manufacturing. At Reader Precision Solutions, we’re not just witnesses to this evolution; we are leaders, pushing forward the integration of high-tech manufacturing processes and expanding career opportunities for everyone. 

We invite you to explore the endless possibilities and career paths in precision machining. AT RPS,, you’ll find more than a job—you’ll discover a community where your contributions are valued, and your growth is nurtured. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to shift your career path, we’re committed to supporting your journey in this advancing manufacturing industry.

For more information on careers and how to apply, visit our careers page or contact Amanda Griffoul in our Human Resources Department. Your career at RPS could be the next great success story in innovation, resilience, and impact in manufacturing.